Friday, November 19, 2010

An abecedary

Random things I enjoy/love/can't get enough of:

B: The Beatles. They keep creeping into my brain and I like it.
C: Cheese. Even if it smells like feet. WAIT! Especially if if smells like feet.
D: Dresses. Totally beat the shit out of pants.
E: Enthusiasm. I'm pleased that we're all out of the "nothing impresses me" stage of our lives.
F: My family. We're horribly flawed individuals with a questionable sense of right and wrong, but we stick together, and that's what counts.
G: Girls' night: Musicals, cocoa, snuggles.
H: Horror movies. I love being scared even though I hate being scared.
I: Indian food. Have you had this? Is it not amazing?!?!
J: Jubilee - this is what the Man and I call it when we eat veggies/cheese/snacks for dinner. It's an awesome simple pleasure to be an adult and be able to eat whatever you want for dinner, even if that means baby carrots and olives with wine. It could also have to do with the fact that I really like that guy.
K: Klingons? I can't think of one for K.
L: Lovin'. Really - who can get enough?
M: Movies. Watching them, falling asleep to them, discussing them.
N: Nudity. That's right. (also known as nekkidness)
O: Orange. The color, the fruit.
P: Pets. Mine are an unending nightmare but also make me feel safe and warm and needed.
Q: Quiet time. Alone.
R: Radishes. They're spicy and you can make flowers out of them.
S: Stroopwafels - best cookies ever. From The Netherlands, like a lot of my genes.
T: Tidying up. Cleaning centers me.
U: Ungulates... like llamas... come on, I can't think of any Us.
V: Vitamins. Placebos? Maybe. But I like that taking them makes me feel like ROARING with strength. I'm better than you because I take vitamins! Wait - you take them too? Ok, I guess we're the same...
W: Witty banter. It never gets old. And people can be so quick and funny.
X: Xslippers. Like slippers they keep your feet warm, but they start with an X! ...Look, I had a lot of Ss but no Xs, I tried.
Y: You! That's right, you there!
Z: Zoos. I really wish I was at one right now. I haven't been to a zoo in freakin' ever. Who wants to go with me??

Wow. U-Z is really tough...


Wonderland said...

K = KILMER. There you go. xoxoxoo

Leslie said...

Shit! You're right. I was actually thinking of using you for A, but we've got that "no real names" thing going...
You know I love and enjoy and CAN'T GET ENOUGH of you :)

die Frau said...

K also stands for ANOTHER NAME YOU MIGHT KNOW OF...ahem....

Also for U? Umbrellas. Fun to say, often fun to use.