Sunday, November 15, 2009


That's me. It's my third FAIL and we're just halfway through November. Pathetic.

BUT! Sometimes it's hard to think of things to write that won't bore people to tears (like this here! Super content!). Also, there are only so many hours in a day and I need to use those hours to buy milk, and get medicine for the orphans and build those houses for the poor and Hulu all those back episodes of Lost I haven't seen OMGBenLinus Ihateyou!*
So, I've skipped some days, yeah, but basically I'm doing it.

* I've only done only two out of those four things...

Currently I have two fur-pigs menacing me - something about some empty dishes (Dudes, I fed your asses when you woke me up at 5am. Don't try to pretend that didn't happen because my toe still hurts from hitting it against the chair!).
Also, the fuzzball tumbleweed is making it look like the Old West up in here, and that just ain't right.

Luckily, last night I baked a pumpkin pie**. And I will eat it. WITH JEEBUS AS MY WITNESS I WILL EAT IT!

** It's a test pie for Thanksgiving 1b. I would hate to mar such a festive occasion with un-awesome pie. Preliminary reports indicate that it will rock.

Here's a conversation that happened between my man and me while I was baking the pie yesterday:

Me: MMmmmmmm. Smells pumpkin-y good.
Him: Wait, you're making pumpkin pie?
Me: ... (looking at him like: Duh, I just told you that)...
Him: Well, I mean, I know you said it was pumpkin, but I expected to see an actual pumkpin, because, you know, that's kind of how you roll...
Me: (Practically weeping, because that usually IS how I roll) I'm going to hell. I used canned pumkin. I'm bad!! BUT! I did make my own shortbread crust!
Him: I'm sure it'll be great.
Me: No, it's all wrong. (and here I writhe around on the floor in agony for 10 minutes or so rending my garments and stinking of inadequacy...)

And, that's that folks. It's Sunday, and I have some chores to do.***

*** = pie to eat.

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Wonderland said...

OK, honey, (and Ouiser, correct me if I'm horribly off base here) but my understanding is that NO ONE, not one single person, not even Martha herself, uses an actual pumpkin in pumpkin pie. *Everyone* uses pumpkin from a can. This isn't like banana bread or carrot cake, my dear. Stop ruining your garments! They are too pretty.