Friday, November 6, 2009

EveryDayBlogging, day 5

And thus begins my 4 months of relative hermit-try. Seriously, “it is cold and I am tired” might as well be set to music and then played every time I enter a room from now until when the next Daylight Saving* Time starts. CURSE YOU, dark November!

Some random facts about me:
- I am sad even when someone is mean to me just as a joke.
- The smell of bathroom air-freshener makes me want to gag just as much as… other bathroom smells.
- I’m pretty sure that my feet are the same size. Boobs, too. Probably most people think this about themselves.
- I have recently developed hella-sensitive teeth.
- I can watch the same movies over and over and over. And over.
- I love dressing up for Halloween – until it becomes compulsory, then I HATE it.
- I am not as good at follow-through as I would like (but I still like to think that I’m better than average).
- I like my hair color; I have natural highlights.
- I find green bell peppers inferior to the other colors, but still buy them more frequently because they’re cheaper.
- *It’s Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time.
- When I drink, my words start to slur almost immediately. It’s inconvenient at work functions…
- I blow my nose multiple times EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. I’m in the process of employing more handkerchiefs.

So, yeah. I like the blogging-everyday-thing, but I sense some challenges ahead coming up with good content. I’ll try to do some exciting things. I think the plan for tonight was to go bowling with the man, but the bowling alley right near our apartments is either: a) a mob-front or b) only open for league players. And the alley in Davis Square is just candle-pin bowling and that’s no damn good. In light of these facts, bowling may be a no-go and we could be marooned on the couch again, destined to fall asleep midway though a movie. Life is sweet.

1 comment:

die Frau said...

Responses to some of your comments:

- Nobody should be mean to you. I will kick their asses.

- I hate the sickly-sweet, sterile smell of my local Rite-Aid. It's like a medicine chest with bad perfume.

- You're good at follow-through, babycakes.

- I do the EXACT SAME THING with peppers.

- You know I'm with you on the nose-blowing thing.