Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend update

This past weekend was lovely. On Saturday, I woke up early because the man wanted to go to yoga, so I went home, snuggled with the kitties, and then headed over to Vinyasa yoga, myself. After, I met up with my man and we walked into Davis Square for some lunch. We went to Orleans, where the Cobb salad is AWESOME. I also had a Blue Moon, and he an IPA – Saturday, after all. Luckily we weren’t too stuffed to head over the Revere Beach (impossible to find without getting all turned around) for a long walk. Saturday night I went to Toad with the lovely A and I. We drank sangria and chatted and listened to good music.

Sunday was more laid back, but I did manage to do something I’ve been putting off for a while: bra shopping. Now, my boobs are – as far as I can tell – the same size. AND, they appear to be pretty typical in shape. Why, then, oh WHY do 90% of bras not fit? Research has shown I’m not the only one with this problem. I walked into the Victoria’s Secret fitting room with an armful of bras. Only one fit. I bought it in two colors and fled the store. On the same topic – what’s with all of the padding? I understand the concept, and I have a couple of nicely padded bras, but COME ON! I do not need to be padded to within an inch of my life, for crying out loud. With some of those bras, strangers could be feeling you up all the way to work on the T and you’d never know! I tried on one of their new superpadded bras (because just trying on one yielded $5 off my purchase, regardless of my NOT buying that bra) and I looked very busty and very peculiar.

I wonder how much money is being spent on padding-technology and the padding arts…?

Well, my sandwich (turkey/swiss/avocado) is done, so it’s back to temping.

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die Frau said...

I do not need the super-padding, but I do need some padding because I work with teenage boys and cannot have headlamps. So I have about fifteen bras and wear about four of of them when the weather turns warm.

Bra shopping is frustrating sometimes. I think Pamela Anderson and Angelina have some responsibility for the padding frenzy. Funny thought: I bet VS totally has a padding division at headquarters. Hell, if a pizza chain around here has a chicken wing division (almost worked there), why not?