Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, thanks for the tea suggestions. To clarify, I'm not completely tea-ignorant, I just want to know if there are completely awesome (specific) ones that are mouth-gasmically fantastic and which I shouldn't live another second without. Thanks for your suggestions, peeps!
And, FeatherNester, I have also heard that chai means tea. And DieFrau, I have a remote starter, which I try to use sparingly, not usually before the actual begining of winter.

I just got back from a long-weekend in PA - Thursday through today - with my fam. The parents were visiting my brother's house and it was a good opportunity to be all together. I mostly lazed around, drank lots of drinks (a family tradition) and watched movies. We also had some delicious food, as my parents are excellent chefs.

When I left PA at 5am, I was quite sleeeeeeeeeepy, and I promised myself a nap upon returning home. I actually made it on 1 tank in 5 hours, the whole 340 miles. Of course, when my gas indicator beeped about 35 miles from home, I was a bit nervous but it all came out ok. And, there was a bunch of stuff to do when I got home, so, NO NAP. The cats were very happy to see me and charmed me into a giggle-fit with their rolling around and practically battering-ramming me for petting. Don't pets just completely break your heart with cuteness? If I didn't know how much I'd hate it, I'd already be a crazy cat lady.

So, I may overdose on some Mint Garden Yogi Tea, as I have NO chocolate. Then, to bed early because I am a boring old lady who has to get to work by 7 tomorrow. Stupid early meetings - cutting into my sleep!

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